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Re-discover the Knot


The knot has been used since the beginning of mankind when we started to make tools for hunting. If fire was the first discovery by humanity, we believe that a Knot could be one of our first inventions. Even though the knot is an extremely ancient technology, it is still used widely in our daily lives as well as in many different professional areas, such as climbing, fishing, sailing and so on. This is because a Knot is stronger, more secure and more reliable than any other linking system. Most of us tie our shoelaces or neckties on daily basis. This is because the Knot is easy and simple to use, and we are taught to do it as kids. So wouldn’t it be great, having hair extensions that are easy and simple to use, but strong, secure and reliable, while also not using any electric equipment and chemicals, but only utilising our most ancient technology that we all know… Tying a Knot, for Hair Extensions.


The knot is fully patented around the major hair markets around the world. United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia, Italy, the Netherlands, Finland, Japan, Australia and many more. Protecting our technology for our business partners, as well as our Hair professionals.