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what does mago mean?

Mago is an ancient goddess from Korea. A goddess who is in charge of all natural life on earth. She can be translated into english as Mother Earth. Her brown hair represents the Earth, symbolising our inborn natural beauty, and her golden extension represent the Sun symbolising new life energy. We believe that since Mago Hair Extension is the most natural and healthy extension system, it will bring new life and energy to our innate natural beauty.

what kind of knot is used in mago?

Mago was born in Korea, where Mountains cover 70% of the land. In Korea, hiking is a regular workout for many Koreans, and Mago was invented by borrowing idea and using one of this land’s climbing knots.

will the extension stay?

When the extension is securely locked, it will stay on the customer’s hair for more than 6 months. The knot makes a hook out of the hair and links itself on to the hook, making it much more secure.

what about when soaked in water? or do we need to use special shampoo?

No. The Mago string is made of cotton polyester, and it actually shrinks when it meets with water making the knot more firmly attached. A good analogy would be what happens to the knots on the tied shoes when they are wet; its harder to untie them.

can i accidentally cut the hair?

There is a section of the knot where you can cut the knot safely without cutting any customers hair in the process. With correct knowledge and practice we can remove Mago Extensions safely and easily.

what about the COLOUR of the strings?

The colours of the strings match the colour of the hair perfectly. If the colour of the hair is black, the string is black. If the colour of the hair is blonde, the string is blonde. We can even have different colour string for a specific hair colour. For example we can have a medium colour string for the very light blonde colours since for many of the customers, their root colour of their blonde hair is darker. However this needs to be pre-programmed with production department before purchase.

where does the hair come from?

The hair comes from the temples in India where they donate their hair to the gods as prayers. Since they do not have other use for the hair after it’s cut, the temples then collects the hair and sells them to hair corporations for a fair price for use in the beauty market. This way we can get sustainable supply of rich Indian hair, that is also fairly traded, unlike other hair around the world.

how long does it take to apply and remove full set of mago extensions?

An experienced Mago Specialist can attach a full set of Mago Hair Extensions to a customer in approximately 1 1/4 hours, and remove a full set in less than 1 hour.

ARE mago hair extensions reusable?

This is one of the most asked questions. Our answer is that the hair can be re-used if client prefers, but the knot is not reusable. Once the knot is tied, only by cutting it you can remove the extension and it cannot be reused. So we do not recommend reusing Mago in any way since it is not a system that is intended for multiple use, and reusing the hair does not deliver the best customer experience.