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About Us

Nowadays many markets and industries around the world prefer to use Healthy, Green and Organic products as they are becoming more popular and important. There are many extension methods that do not use chemicals, but instead metal rings are used that are hurting a customers scalp. There is also knotting method that uses the wefts, but it is very difficult to apply and also time consuming. Mago is the only system that does not use chemicals and is also easy to use. We are confident that in years to come when we ask customers what is the most Healthy and Organic Extension system in the market, their answer would be Mago Hair Extensions.

The hair market has been hectic for many years. It uses many different attachment systems with various qualities and copies of the methods coming out every day. However, with Mago technology patent, we can minimise the threat of counterfeit and control the market at the highest thought trainings and certifications. We can build a strong market for ourselves with high quality standards for our hairstylists and also our customers.

Since the initial development of the Mago system in 2008, we have been testing and refining the technique to maximise the benefits of the product. In 2013 with complete confidence and excitement, Mago was launched in Finland. Since then, Mago has spread to more than 400 hair stylists around the Northern Europe and it’s still growing.

We have been getting great feedback from Europe. Hairdressers love the Mago as they are professional also chemical-free and are easy to apply and remove. But above all, the customers love the experience with the Mago system because of the comfort that they have never experienced with Hair Extensions before.

There is a time when an innovation comes that changes how we perceived our market. Everything that we took for granted can actually change. There have been many extension systems that come and go with incremental improvements from the predecessors. There haven’t been many changes in this market for many years. We have continuously seen new products being introduced. This means that there is something wrong, that needs to be fixed in this market, but no one has successfully delivered it since. We believe that Mago can be the answer that this market has been waiting for. Looking at the success in Europe, we are confident that we can also bring great success to our partners in other parts of the world.

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